Our New Book: A Taxonomy of Firms

Many of you have read or know of our first book, Growth Is Dead: Now What? Law firms on the brink, published early in 2013. We now have a sequel of sorts, just published this week: A New Taxonomy: The seven law firm business models. “A sequel of sorts” in the sense that the Now
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Letter from London

Greetings from the right side of the pond: Impressions and observations from a wide-ranging series of conversations and meetings over the past few days. 1. Overall, the market here strikes me as a few years beyond—more evolved—than the US market. Why this is so I have no theory, but firms in general talk more crisply,
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A Call to Arms: III

The first installment in this series presented the background and basic ramifications of the proposal now pending in Congress to require law firms and other professional service firms with annual revenue over $10-million to adopt the accrual accounting basis and not the cash basis. The second installment outlined the financial repercussions in dollars and cents,
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FT Innovative Lawyers/2013

The other night I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend the FT’s Innovative Lawyers 2013 (US) awards ceremony at the New York Public Library’s main Fifth Avenue and 42nd branch. (The report was published here the next day in the paper, and you can download a PDF here.) Since this is now an
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A Conversation With Ted Burke

The other week I had the chance to sit down with Ted Burke, outgoing chief executive and global managing partner of Freshfields. I’ve known Ted for years, consider him a friend, and with the announcement a month or so ago that he would be stepping down at Freshfields a year ahead of expiration of his
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How much how fast?

The other week the redoubtable George Beaton launched what turned into as wide-ranging an online discussion as I can remember, under the title The rise and rise of the NewLaw business model, Since its publication, it has generated 65 comments over nearly three weeks from a Who’s Who of the best informed, most thoughtful, and most
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Don’t worry; this is not going to be about what’s “trending on Twitter,” which I used to think was merely amusing but which I’m coming to believe is borderline evil. (Topic for another day, or on second thought, a topic for never.) No, this is about equity market trends, and what they do—or don’t—portend for
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North of the 49th Parallel

I spoke in Toronto Tuesday evening at a panel on “The Future of BigLaw” put together by Above the Law and sponsored by Recommind, which got coverage in The Canadian Lawyer.  A few highlights: I was joined on the panel by Gary Luftspring, managing partner of Ricketts Harris LLP in Toronto, and Scott Jolliffe, chairman and CEO
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At the Law Society of Scotland

On Tuesday, September 24th I will be the keynote speaker at the Law Society of Scotland’s “Law in Scotland” conference in Glasgow. The Society was kind enough to interview me for a profile in their Journal of the Law Society of Scotland, and the story is available here. A few quick excerpts: An American of Scottish
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Join Me in Toronto September 10

In partnership with our good friends at Above the Law, I’ll be in Toronto the evening of Tuesday, September 10th discussing “Growth Is Dead: Now What?”.   The event  will run from 6:30 to 9:00 pm and will  include  a cocktail reception before and after a lively panel discussion including me and select local law firm
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