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3 Leading Indicators of Success

Turnabout. Today we have a sequel, in a yin-yang fashion, to our earlier column, “3 leading indicators of failure.” What might the equivalent indicators be for success, or outperformance? I’m not going to rehearse characteristics of successful firms that I consider elementary learning from Manaqement 101, or good organizational hygiene, any more than I would
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Letter from London

Greetings from the right side of the pond: Impressions and observations from a wide-ranging series of conversations and meetings over the past few days. 1. Overall, the market here strikes me as a few years beyond—more evolved—than the US market. Why this is so I have no theory, but firms in general talk more crisply,
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A Conversation With Ted Burke

The other week I had the chance to sit down with Ted Burke, outgoing chief executive and global managing partner of Freshfields. I’ve known Ted for years, consider him a friend, and with the announcement a month or so ago that he would be stepping down at Freshfields a year ahead of expiration of his
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How much how fast?

The other week the redoubtable George Beaton launched what turned into as wide-ranging an online discussion as I can remember, under the title The rise and rise of the NewLaw business model, Since its publication, it has generated 65 comments over nearly three weeks from a Who’s Who of the best informed, most thoughtful, and most
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The Credo Card

If you’re like me, you travel a lot. and you almost certainly have your own views of, and preferences among, the familiar roster of hotel brands, Hilton, Marriott, and Sheraton, but also at the high end Fairmont, Four Seasons, J.W. Marriott, and Ritz Carlton. All of the latter are without fail lovely “properties” (as the
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Don’t worry; this is not going to be about what’s “trending on Twitter,” which I used to think was merely amusing but which I’m coming to believe is borderline evil. (Topic for another day, or on second thought, a topic for never.) No, this is about equity market trends, and what they do—or don’t—portend for
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Checked your demographics lately?

Sometimes large changes break across the landscape like summer afternoon thunderstorms, seemingly coming from nowhere and definitely getting everyone’s attention: And sometimes they steadily and stealthily accumulate over time, perhaps without anyone ever intending to transit from where we were to where, when we look around, we find ourselves today. Today we’re talking about Type
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Last Call–Taxonomy Survey

Last chance to take our survey on the law firm taxonomy model; it will close down Saturday, July 6th. Why should you take the survey? It’s very brief – maybe 3-5 minutes. All questions are optional, nothing mandatory; but I wager you’ll find the questions themselves thought-provoking. Unless you want to spill the beans, it’s
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Take Our Law Firm Taxonomy Survey

At the conclusion of the final article in the “Law Firm Taxonomy” series (the article on Synergistic Super-Boutiques), I invite readers to take a survey offering your thoughts about the taxonomy structure in general, a few pointed questions about your firm in particular—don’t worry, it’s anonymous—and perhaps of greatest interest, I seek your input into
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Synergistic Super-Boutiques

Before we leap into the final category of firms in our taxonomy—”synergistic super-boutiques”—let’s recur to first principles and re-state what we’re trying to solve for. The issue is what do firms do to (in Darwinian order): (a) avoid extinction; (b) eke out a marginal existence; (c) remain relevant; (d) continue to perform about as well
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